The team at GABA Therapeutics is developing GRX-917, a new drug candidate expected to have a broad range of safe and effective therapeutic indications, to transform the lives of patients with life-altering neuropsychiatric, neurologic and pain disorders. Many of these conditions represent some of the largest unmet medical needs in the United States and worldwide.

The company held its first Board of Directors meeting in San Francisco in on November 5, 2019. Attendees included (left to right):

  • Srini Rao M.D., Ph.D, Chief Medical Officer
  • Ian Massey, D.Phil, CEO and Director
  • Richard Farrell, CFO and Director
  • Florian Brand, Director 
  • Olivier Dasse Ph.D, VP Chemistry
  • David Putman Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Christian Fibiger Ph.D, Independent Director
  • Curtis Scribner M.D, Regulatory Affairs
  • Greg Bates, Lead, Regulatory Affairs

Absent was Matthias Luz – Chairman of the Board.

GABA Therapeutics Inaugural Board Meeting San Francisco Nov 2019


Our core values are based around our commitment to develop safe and effective medicines for life-altering central nervous system and pain disorders. 

 – Social Responsibility

 – Integrity

 – Discipline

 – Empathy

 – Strive for Excellence