What’s Wrong with Current Anxiety Medications?

The first-line anxiety medications (SSRIs/SNRIs) take 4-6 weeks to take effect and work in less than 50% of anxiety patients. The second line anxiety medications (benzodiazepines) are highly addictive, have serious side effects and historically have been involved in approximately 1/3 of fatal prescription overdoses in the United States.

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What is GRX-917’s Mechanism of Action?

GRX-917's main mechanism of action increases the amount of naturally occurring neurosteroids (like allopregnanolone) by activation of TSPO on mitochondria. This increase of endogenous neurosteroids occurs in areas in the brain where they are used to activate GABA receptors, slowing dysregulated brain activity in diseases like anxiety and depression, but [...]

What is GRX-917?

GRX-917 is a proprietary (patent-protected until 2036), improved version of Etifoxine, an anxiety drug first approved in France 39 years ago. GRX-917 is a deuterated version of Etifoxine (specific hydrogen atoms were replaced by isotopic deuterium (heavy hydrogen) atoms). Like the vast majority of deuterated drug analogs, GRX-917 retains the [...]

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